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3D printing Sets - MrSns - 06-23-2020

Hey everyone,

Just wanting some feed back on these pieces i have printed. I intend on printing a board as well, it just takes considerably longer to print. I have Fire nation tiles as well but no pictures yet. What other colours would you like to see?

Metal Clan tile

[Image: JPEG_20200620_133331.jpg]

Earth kingdom tile

[Image: JPEG_20200620_143343.jpg]

Fresh printed water tribe tiles

[Image: JPEG_20200621_234903.jpg?width=1214&height=911]

Fresh Printed Water Tribe tiles next to one of Skuds wooden tiles

[Image: JPEG_20200621_235556.jpg?width=512&height=910]

RE: 3D printing Sets - Skud - 06-24-2020

Count me in for Metal Clan + Earth Kingdom tiles!... and all the rest, too Smile