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Chat 'n Play Events - Skud - 06-03-2020

Chat 'n Play events are casual tournaments meant for users to enjoy learning the games and playing live real-time games while chatting on the Discord server. Join the Discord to get involved and sign up!

RE: Chat 'n Play Events - dallin - 06-04-2020

Hey guys! Chat n Play event this Sunday 6/3/20. join the discord server voice chat at 8:00 a.m. pacific daylight time zone. We'll start the chat then and also try to get as much done with the tourney as we can within 2 hours. We'll be doing 4 rounds with a 12-player single elimination bracket style. For those 12 people who have signed up already through the google form, please sign up on the website as soon as possible and come on Sunday ready to win! Everybody else is welcome to watch/listen in the live streams and voice chats we'll have going!!! 

p.s. thank you so much Darien for the bracket idea and cool artistic rendition of it!![Image: SkudPaiSho.png?width=852&height=609]

RE: Chat 'n Play Events - MrSns - 06-23-2020

Wish i had seen this. Would have loved to play. What were the results?