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Counter Corona-Confinement Contest - SpinxKreuz - 03-19-2020

This is a spontaneous tournament during the quarantine many of us are experiencing right now.

The tournament will be a swiss-style standard Skud Pai Sho tournament, consisting of at least 4 rounds. If there is enough interest, more rounds might be added.

The tournament will begin March 23rd 2020.
Players will have about 3 days to complete each match; if there's no winner after the given time, the match will be ruled a draw (although if one player is clearly inactive, the active player will be ruled winner).

If you want to participate, please sign up at the Garden Gate tournament section until March 22nd, 12PM GMT.

Toornament overview.

Have fun playing!

RE: Counter Corona-Confinement Contest - SpinxKreuz - 04-29-2020

Final standing of the tournament.