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An Introduction to myself - Abacadaren - 09-27-2018

Hello all, I'm Aba C. Daren, or any form of that you'd like to use. I'm one of the more active vagabond players and I absolutely adore the game, so if you have any questions you want to ask about it I'm able to answer it or find out the answer and get back to you. If you ever want to talk about the game, I'm more than happy to talk about any part of it, from strategy, to design, to why the game is what it is. And last I want to say that if you ever want to play a game and get feed back about how you played and try to get better, or if you just want to play a game, no matter the time I will be unable to say no. I am putting my services forward, and I hope everyone uses them to their advantage. I look forward to meeting all of you and learning how you play.

The story does a good job of teaching .strategy for vagabond, so if you're just learning reading through can be a fun way to do it. Otherwise, I'm hoping to put some of what I've learned up soon in a post much like Spinx has done for skud.

RE: An Introduction to myself - MrSns - 09-27-2018


I think we are defiantly going to have to have a game together as I don't believe we have played each other yet. I look forward to reading your strategy guide.

See you at the table.