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New Years Annual Announcement - Abacadaren - 02-04-2019

Happy New Years to all, whether you celebrated the western new years, are soon to be celebrating Lunar new years, or are celebrating a change of different season later on, we are in the time of renewal for all seasons. There is no time so ripe to launch the first official tournament for our community than now, so I am happy to say that the first skud tournament on the Garden Gate is open for participants, and will begin within the next week, sooner rather than later as I am sure everyone wants. There is no limit to tournament size and due to not being done before no estimate as to the time this will take to be completed, though if an extremely large number is reached then changes may be made to the format.

The tournament will be a double elimination style with each round being standard skud, played with a time frame of two days to complete the game. If the game is not completed within that time it will count as a disqualification, though if one player is able to bring forth that the game was uncompleted due to their opponent or if a contestant vouches that they were unable to finish for any reason then the participating contestant may move on to the next round. After the round is over, the winner will be required to post a replay link to the forum post for the Tournament games with the format outlined in that post.

If there is a large turn out for the tournament then there will be a prize of a Large white lotus tile, provided by Skud at his discretion. If the Tournament is large enough, it will be announced at the start of the tournament.

Link to Forum post for Reporting matches

I hope this works for everyone and I apologize if not, please direct all complaints to my complaint department. I look forward to seeing how the games go, and hope that everyone has their tea pots at the ready. Feel free to introduce yourself here, discuss anything, or just chat before/between the games.