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Howdy! - DBDrifter - 09-27-2018

Hello! My name is Micah, I'm 20, and from the western US. I'm obviously a fan of Avatar and I love board games so Pai Sho really caught my interest. I haven't really played yet but the game seems really interesting and I'm eager to learn and watch the community grow. If anyone ever wants to chat about tabletop games or just talk in general, feel free to message me here or on the Discord.

RE: Howdy! - MrSns - 09-27-2018


Welcome to the community. If you have any questions or issues hit me up on the forum or discord.

See you at the table Wink

RE: Howdy! - Skud - 09-27-2018

Thanks for being here! Enjoy getting into the game, and feel free to chat/play with me anytime Smile