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Hello! - MrSns - 09-26-2018

Hey everyone!

I’m MrSns, I love avatar and I love pai sho. I’m from Australia and live with my lady friend just south of Sydney.

I have run a few successful communities in my time and I do wish all the success for Skud and his community. I’ll be helping him out where I can and managing the forums with him. If you have any suggestions or question please make a post in the site and board feedback forum or hit me up on discord. 


RE: Hello! - Skud - 09-27-2018

Thanks for helping set this up, it is shaping up to be a place where we'll have a lot of great resources to help everyone achieve the goal of playing Pai Sho every day!

RE: Hello! - MrSns - 09-28-2018

Anytime, happy to help where I can. Smile