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Creating and Managing a Tournament at The Garden Gate - Skud - 10-08-2018

Creating and Managing a Tournament at The Garden Gate

Certain members of The Garden Gate community will be Tournament Managers.

A Tournament Manager will be able to create tournaments, approve players who sign up, create matches between tournament players, and more.

There is no required tournament structure. Tournament Managers can use outside tools like tournament management websites to create and manage the tournament if desired as well.


Instructions to Tournament Managers

1. Create a thread in the Tournaments forum.

To create a tournament, create a thread on the Tournaments forum. You will need to include the url to your tournament's forum thread when creating the tournament at The Garden Gate.

Use the forum thread to provide full details that players should know so they know what to expect from the tournament. What kind of tournament is this? What games will be played? When will it start? How long will it take? Etc.

Also include any additional rules you wish to include, such as requirements that players need to meet in order to participate, or anything else.

2. Create the tournament at The Garden Gate.

You'll need to provide a name, the tournament forum url, and a short one-line summary of the tournament. Remember that the full details will be at the forum.

Players will be able to sign up to request to participate immediately after the tournament is created.

3. Create rounds, matches, and oversee the tournament as needed!

The only thing related to tournament structure that is enforced is that the tournament consists of rounds, which consist of matches.

As a tournament manager, you are able to approve players as they sign up, create rounds, and create matches within the rounds.

As the tournament progresses, please also keep the forum updated.


Have suggestions on how to improve the Tournament Manager experience? Let me know!