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IPSL January Swiss Open - Awyrlas - 12-31-2022

Hello Again!

Another month another IPSL Open! December's swiss was a great success and I'm looking to continue the trend of hosting these short-form Skud events! Depending on turnout, the format will largely stay the same save for the addition of opt-in ranked matches from the start. 

While ranked tournament matches are now fully implemented, participation will stay opt-in for the time being. As was the case last time, both players will have to have opted-in to ranked matches for them to play a ranked tournament round. That said, even though they are not required, I highly recommend partaking in the ranked fun as it makes matchmaking fairer and gives you a sense of progress when you do well in your games.

I'd also like to take this time to again congratulate Duat and TwoTheSecond for obtaining the first-ever IPSL titles and look forward to seeing more players join them. A few players are within reach of the title of Garden Initiate and I look forward to seeing their progress as well! 

General Information: How to Sign Up Rewards Norms are a signifier of your competitive accomplishments. By doing well in enough competitions or by earning a Title Nomination you will have the right to compete for the accompanying title. It will take several events for even the best players to accumulate the necessary requirements for just one, so it's best to take things slow! Titles are a representation of not just your skill at Skud Pai Sho, but also your dedication to the competition and your activity in the community and its events. 

General Rules and Guidelines