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CLASH: Skud Pai Sho Tournament - Cannoli - 10-02-2022

Welcome to CLASH, a Skud Pai Sho tournament for the ages!

Compete in double elimination brackets, advance to single elimination playoffs, and be crowned CLASH champion!

[Image: Artboard_1.png]

General Information: How to sign up:
To register for the tournament, you must complete a few steps: Tournament Format:
This tournament will be split up into two stages.

In the first stage, participants will be split up into different double elimination brackets. Each bracket will function as normal, except instead of having a grand final, both the winner's bracket and loser's bracket finalists will advance to the playoffs.

Rather than facing off against each other, the finalists from each double elimination bracket will be seeded such that they face their counterpart from another bracket to start the single elimination playoffs. Winner's bracket finalists will face off against loser's bracket finalists from different brackets for the first round, and the playoffs will continue from there.

A 3rd/4th place match will happen between the losers of each semifinal match, followed by the CLASH championship match, with the winner of this championship match receiving the Skud Pai Sho Tournament Winner role on the official Garden Gate Discord server.

Match Format and Rules For any questions, contact @Cannoli#5677 on Discord.

I look forward to sharing a phenomenal event with you all!
- Cannoli