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Ancient Oasis Tournament! - GoddessOfFrenchFries - 06-25-2022

 Hello everyone and welcome, to my first ever tournament of Skud Pai Sho!

This tournament should be pretty self explanatory, but every match will basically include the Ancient Oasis Expansion Tiles, aka, The Lion Turtle, The Pond, and The Bamboo! The double tiles option will also be on, so that you can choose the Regular Accent Tiles as well as these ones. There is one condition to your Accent Tile choosing however: You need to include atleast one tile from the Ancient Oasis Expansion. The tournament submissions have started! Submissions will end at 1st of August 10 am GMT. Matches will start right after, and Single Elimination will be used. Each round will take 48 hours, and the number of rounds will depend on the player amount. If you don’t know how to use the stated tiles, you could read the explanation from! I hope you consider joining, and good luck!