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Vagabond 2022 Tournament - theRealMomo - 05-13-2022

Hello everyone, it's me TheRealMomo. 

I hope you all are doing well! 

It's been such a long time since we last had a vagabond tournament, so I'm happy to announce that we will be having another vagabond tourney!

General Information: This tournament will be an ELO-style tournament (I don't think we've tried this type of tournament before, but hopefully it works). 

Each participant starts with a ranking of 1200 (the rankings exist only for this tournament and will not affect your The Garden Gate website rankings). If you win against a strong player, your ranking goes up a lot. Win against a weaker player and your ranking does not go up by as much. Lose against a strong opponent and your rating doesn't decrease by that much. Lose against a player weaker than yourself and your rating will drop by a lot. Ties will increase or decrease your score by a little bit depending on the ranking of your opponent. Click here for more information on the ELO rating system. 

Each player will play 10 games with 3 days to complete each game. You play opponents that are closest to your own skill level and it is likely that you will play the same person more than once. The person at the end of the 10 rounds with the highest ELO ranking wins.

Prizes: The winner gets a set of vagabond tiles, the vagabond tourney winner role in the Pai Sho discord server, and will officially be known as the best vagabond player for one year (the title will expire after the Vagabond 2023 Tournament)!  

Who can Participate: Anyone can, regardless of skill level. If you're new to Vagabond, I encourage you to learn and participate in the tournament. You'll get practice playing with people that are around your level and since it's not an elimination bracket, there aren't any consequences of losing. The advanced players play against the advanced players to compete for 1st place, while the less advanced players play against the less advanced ones in a friendly stress-free environment. 

How to sign up: You must go to the Garden Gate Website, click tournaments -> Vagabond 2022 Tournament -> sign up. Then dm me on discord to confirm your participation in the tournament. Both steps are required. 

Important Dates: Signups start May 14th and end May 22nd. The first round of matches starts on May 23rd. 

Additional Information: Sandboxing is slightly frowned upon, and no collaborating with others while your match is going on. 

That's it, hope you guys have fun!