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Avatar/Balance Pai Sho - vescucci - 09-30-2018

I love all the Pai Sho variants we have but when I play a competitive game online I stress myself out a lot so I tend to enjoy single player games, but as of right now we only have Solitaire Pai Sho, so I wanted to make a variation of that by throwing in a gimmick that eventually led into it's own variation of a variation.

The idea is using the Lion Turtle/Avatar tile (that I designed myself so it's a bit of a self-insert, haha) as the first piece and center piece that all other tiles have to connect to in some way. In a way, you play as the Avatar trying to bring balance to the four nations.

Click here for the rules since I have trouble trying to summarize them.

The lore behind the idea is that some long forgotten Avatar was trying to explain his role to someone, maybe a child, but this someone didn't quite understand, so they used a Pai Sho board and some pieces to explain how and why bringing balance to the world is so difficult.

If anyone wants I'll use my board to play a game and take pictures of/record the session to put up as an example. Feel free to try it out, too, it can be kinda tricky! Smile

RE: Avatar/Balance Pai Sho - MrSns - 09-30-2018

Excellent idea. I have had a read through the rules and just had a couple of questions.

“rules” Wrote:Avatar

This tile starts in the middle of the board. It also connects in all eight directions and not just along the lines. It forms Harmonies and disharmonies with all tiles.
The above section rules states that it forms harmonies and disharmonies with all tiles. Does that mean I get to choose what it forms harmonies and disharmonies with?
“rules” Wrote:Spirit

Thie tile forms Disharmonies with all tiles. When this tiles is connected with the Avatar tile it creates two Disharmonies and one harmony
Same with this one. Do I get to choose which tiles this forms disharmonies with or is it cumulative? What happens when another tile harmanoises with this tile?

RE: Avatar/Balance Pai Sho - vescucci - 09-30-2018

So all tiles are cumulative in their harmonies and disharmonies. As for the Spirit tile, if its harmonizing with thr White Lotus you would add one point for Disharmony AND one point for Harmony. If it's harmonizing with the Avatar tile you would add 1 point to Disharmony from the Spirit in addition to the 1 point of Disharmony and 1 point of Harmony from the Avatar. 

If anything ia still confusing just keep asking questions it'll probably help me solidify the rules better