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Feature: Game Clock - Time Controls - Skud - 01-19-2022

Introducing Time Controls!

The Garden Gate supports casual Time Controls on games as a beta feature. Time controls will work together with async games - instead of being a strictly enforced clock, they are intended to be a helpful tool to those who would like to use it. Use time controls to enjoy sitting down at the same time with another player to play a quick game, or play a correspondence style game but still have a clock in place as you make moves throughout the day, only ticking as you are looking at the game.

The clock will be shown along the bottom of the page. Remember that it is just a reference and is not enforced - if time runs out, moves can still be made. Players may agree to resign if they run out of time first.

Know there have been a few bugs that some people have run into, so expect the clock to be buggy.