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"Dear all guests at Roun-Jian and Gyatso's Bed & Breakfast. We are pleased to inform you that from Friday the 21st of January we will be hosting our annual tournament during our "Round-Jian and Gyatso's Ginseng Tea Party" for you to join. For those of you who have never heard of this party before: It is intriguing yet calming, bombastic but simplistic, nerve-racking and soothing. We've bought the best of best Ginseng Tea and cannot wait to share it over a couple games of Ginseng Pai Sho!

This year will be extra special because the winner of our Ginseng Pai Sho Tournament will win the desirable prize of one of the most aesthetic Ginseng tile sets on the market! Crafted by the one and only Skud. Furthermore, they will earn the 'Tournament Winner(Ginseng)' role on The Garden Gate discord server.

So sign up and get ready for some amazing Ginseng Pai Sho games! See you there!"

General Information How to sign up:
You need to complete these 3 steps to participate in the tournament:
  1. Register for Round-Jian and Gyatso's Ginseng Tea Party at in the tournaments tab to the left. Remember to log in first.
  2. Register at Provide your username and your discord username(including your unique number tag).
  3. Once you have completed the two steps above, you must confirm with Monk Gyatso#0883 that you will be participating in the tournament. Simply ping @Monk Gyatso#0883 in #tournaments on The Garden Gate Discord server and ask him to confirm you into the tournament, and if you have completed the first two steps properly, you will officially be in!

Tournament Format and Rules
Win = 3 points | Draw = 1 point | Loss = 0 points.

The top two players of each group will compete in a new round of games where each opponent will compete each other. The player with most points, wins the tournament.
We look forward to hosting an excellent event with you all!