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Beginners Skud Tournament! - theRealMomo - 01-29-2021

Hi everyone, this is Momo. 

I'm hosting a beginner's Skud tournament as you all probably know. There really aren't any requirements to join. You just have to think of yourself as a "beginner." What that means is up to you because I don't really know what defines a beginner either. I would say a rough ballpark estimate is around 30 wins in total or less than a 55 % win rate, but if you have more than that, it's fine as well. Again, the requirements aren't really set in stone. 

Make sure to join the tournament discord and sign up on the Garden Gate Website if you want to participate. 

As for prizes, this is a chill tournament, aimed at introducing more people into the world of pai sho, so there won't be any actual prizes (I also don't exactly want to invest in prizes sorry about that). Nevertheless, the tournament should still be fun! Winners get the honor of being considered a winner as well as fame, bragging rights, and... and that's about it. 

Tournament matches start Monday, February 8th. It's a double elimination bracket style tournament. Lose twice and you're out.

Rules are like all other tournament rules: 3 days for each game, sandboxing is slightly frowned upon, no collaborating with other people about your match while your game is ongoing. 

Gambling / Betting will be allowed, but only for the spectators. In other words, tournament participants cannot bet. There will be a best better award for the person with the most fake coins at the end. 

Think that's it. Let me know if you have any questions! And last but not least, good luck and have fun! 

Signing off,