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The Adevăr Jolly Jamboree - Skud - 12-05-2020

The Jolly Jamboree is finally here!! The event officially starts.... now!

The Adevăr Jolly Jamboree is an open event for anyone to participate in at any time. It's not quite a tournament, where there's a single winner. Participants gain points for every game they play, and you get different prizes for reaching different point thresholds. This event is very casual, and is not something to stress over.

There are different Tiers to achieve, each one having its own prize. The first Tier is at 15 points; the second Tier is at 25 points; the third Tier is at 45 points. The first tier prize is a special role in the Adevăr server! The other two prizes are secret ?. The person with the most points will get an additional secret ? prize.

Both players must submit a link; Host submitting the link does not count for Guest's points.

The event is happening over in the official Adevăr server, you can join it here:, where you'll find a channel dedicated for submitting games. There will be a pinned message in that channel outlining how to submit games. Games submitted in the TGG server will not count. Note that Adevăr Lite games will not count.

The event will end on January 6th.

With the start of the Jolly Jamboree, the Adevăr Festive tiles are now available on the site!

Special thanks to Sir Stotes for programming the custom bot used for the Jolly Jamboree.