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Chan and Ruon-Jian's Holiday Party!!! - paishoeveryday - 11-26-2020

alright my dudes, here's the lowdown on our totally righteous party we'll be hostin in the northern water tribe:
-the tourney's gonna be Skud Pai Sho rules.
-Players will join the tourney in teams of 2, like me and my bro Chan. Teams will decide who will be the "A" player and who will be the "B" player at the start of the tourney. This cannot change once the tourney has started. (you cheat and your just a big loser like those 4 idiots who wrecked the last party). 
-There's gonna be like four rounds. In these rounds, the "A" player of one team will play the "A" player of another team. Same goes for "B" players. The winner of the "A" match scores 5 points and the winner of the "B" matches scores 3 points for their team. These team matches will be chosen at random except that no double matches are gonna happen.
-The top two teams with the most points will move to the Finals. In the event of a tie the team with the least amount of losses proceeds, if still tied then most team wins, if still tied then single player with most wins. If there is still a tie then the team with the player who won his/her games in the least amount of moves proceeds.
-In the finals the "A" players face each other and the "B" players face each other. The two winners "A" and "B" whether they are teammates or not, proceed to the Grand Finals where a single Champion is crowned.
Registration closes Dec 19. and the tournament will begin December 26. If interested find yourself a teammate and message one of the tournament hosts over discord your team name and who will be player A and player B. You can message me or Chan for this, we're co-hosting the tournament. discord usernames are Pronetowander#8622 and dall(i)n#4951 . After you've messaged one of us, both teammates need to head over to and both sign up for the Chan and Ruon-Jian's Holiday Party under tournaments. 
The winner of the tourney will receive the rights to the official title of Hahn on the Garden Gate discord community as well as the role of Tournament Winner. There's also a mystery prize from Mimicmakings Pai sho shop. We want the prize to remain a secret so this tourney is as chill as possible. No stress, no high-stakes. Just playing pai sho!
Hahn is letting us use his house, so try to act cool.
-Ruon-Jian, out