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Full Version: ATLA Map updates
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Hi all!

It's Halon_Keiser! I'll be making the blank map for the Atla map project. I'll post updates from world painter as I go. I'm new to the program and I have a couple projects coming up (building a Pai Sho board, for one!  Big Grin) so progress will be fairly slow, but as I get closer I'll post updates in this thread.
OK so I've put ocean in around the fire nation, and I've realized that the map is so large that I can't export it. My computer freezes. However, I'll be upgrading it fairly soon and I think that will solve the problem. Next I'll start making edges and filling in the oceans.
OK I've got the basic landmass down!
Next steps:
Paint Biomes
Paint proper land type (apparently painting the biome isn't enough)
Do a bit of land sculpting (more mountains in some places, flatter, say, at the poles)
Do more land sculpting
And then some more (It's gonna take ages, I'm basically gonna have to rewatch Atla (oh no! Angel lol) to get a rough idea of what the terrain is like)
Also it seems like I can't attach pictures and I don't know what's going on so if someone with more forum experience could help me I'd appreciate it. Big Grin
Excited to see it!