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Full Version: Can no longer join games against myself
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Hi everyone,

When playing a game against myself I made it so with the last move both sides won. The message popped up: "btpound vs. btpound BOTH playersundefined". When on the game page, it shows the game as completed, however the game still shows on the "active games" tab, and I am unable to join any more games against myself. When I try, the message pops up: "You are already playing a game against that user, so you will have to finish that game first."

Any way for me to fix this, or am I just stuck with it?

Would appreciate any help. Thanks!
Hi! I'm sorry I just now saw this - if it is still an issue, let me know. You can always resign the game from the side menu to end it and clear it out from your My Games list.


Hey Skud,
It became something to just ignore, however when I click resign for that game the message "When playing an unfinished online game, this is where you can resign or leave a game if you wish to do so."
Totally guessing but I suppose some parts think the game has ended and others have not.
Ah, gotcha. There must be an issue with recording game completion accurately in case of a tie in Skud Pai Sho. Thanks for the reply. I went in and your game shouldn't show up in your My Games list now.