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Full Version: Skud Pai Sho Royal Caldera Series #1
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Avatar Kuruk welcomes Fire Nation citizens and distinguished travelers from all nations to join him at the Fire Nation capital city for The Garden Gate's first Skud Pai Sho tournament in the Royal Caldera series! Flameo, hotmen!

The tournament will be a swiss-style tournament, granting players 2 points per win and 1 point per tie or draw. A forfeit or being ruled as non-playing will be a penalty of -1.

The tournament is planned to begin December 1st.

Games will be standard Skud Pai Sho games and players will be given two to three days to complete their games for each round. Unfinished games will be ruled a draw unless it is clear that there is a player who is inactive, in which case the active player will be ruled the winner.

The tournament bracket is available at

To be approved to participate in the tournament, please sign up at The Garden Gate and register at the Toornament page, using your The Garden Gate username as your player nickname.
If you would rather not sign up for Toornament, then reply to this thread with your The Garden Gate username instead.

The winner will get a prize of a unique large White Lotus tile. If 12 players participate in the tournament, the winner's prize will also include a small Canon tile set from The Garden Gate.
I'm not very good at this version but I'd like to be part of it none the less ^_^
I would like to join but I don't want to sign up for Toornament.

I would like to sign up for the tournament here please! But not for Toornament.

Definitely gonna participate in this Big Grin
Ill Sign up for the Skud Pai Sho Tournament!

Would like to sign up for the tournament, nickname: flount23
Round 1 of the tournament has been created! To see the list of games, view the Toornament page, and the Tournament info on The Garden Gate. From the tournament info on The Garden Gate, you can spectate any of the games. Your games for the tournament will show up in your My Games list.

Please get started and finish the games as soon as possible. The next round will begin on Wednesday.
Round 2 is up! Please complete your games as soon as you can. The next round will begin on Sunday.
Sorry I couldn't get my game done yesterday. Worked until almost midnight, but I played the one move I could before I left the house.
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