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Full Version: Hello I am noob
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Greetings. I just stumbled upon this and I really want to learn how to play. I hope this forum is still active. This looks really cool, I am amazed that someone actually made Pai Sho from Avatar and that its so developed. I am interested to learn Skud Pai Sho. I don't really understand how to use Garden Gate or how to play. I am in need of someone to teach me. Cool
Welcome! The forum is still active but there's not much activity here because most chatting the community does is on Discord (there's a link to that in the side menu at The Garden Gate).

There are some folks that will be able to teach you how to play. If you join the Discord, send me a message and I can start or join a game with you and help you out.
(02-16-2019, 12:11 PM)Skud Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you. I hate Discord but it might be worth it for this. I'll figure it out soon.
Welcome LiquidCable,

Sorry about my delay in welcoming you. I have been pre-occupied lately. I hope you enjoy the game and if you need any help send me a message on the forum. ^_^