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Full Version: Vagabond Pai Sho Gaoling Series #1
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Late in the era of Avatar Kyoshi, peace across the four nations ushers groups of travelers across the Earth Kingdom. Gaoling, a flourishing and friendly city, finds itself the home of a popular Pai Sho tournament of players from across the world. Join us as we see whose Vagabond Pai Sho skills lead them to the top of the pack in The Garden Gate's first Vagabond Pai Sho tournament in the Gaoling series!

The tournament will be a swiss-style tournament, granting players 1 point per win and 0.5 points per tie or draw.

The tournament is planned to begin March 4th. If you would like to participate but need to know when it will take place due to your schedule, please message me on Discord. Thanks!

Games will be standard Vagabond Pai Sho games and players will be given two to three, days to complete their games for each round. Unfinished games will be ruled a draw unless it is clear that there is a player who is inactive, in which case the active player will be ruled the winner.

The tournament bracket is available at

To be approved to participate in the tournament, please sign up at The Garden Gate and also respond to this post with your The Garden Gate username.

A prize may be awarded by The Garden Gate to the winner depending on number of participants.
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