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Yo, I'm Matt and I've actually designed some of the tiles you may have used on the site. I designed the Pond, Bamboo, and Lion Turtle tiles found in the Ancient Oasis expansion, and a few others on the side. If you ever have any ideas for tiles send me a message! I've never really liked board games until this one and I can't wait to get my full Skud set. I don't really have a favorite variant but I have made my own called Balance Pai Sho that's similar to solitaire, but with the Lion Turtle tile as the centerpiece of the game.

As far as ice breaking stuff, my favorite element is Earth, my favorite Avatar is Kyoshi, and my favorite animal hybrid is the Sky Bison because they're super fluffy and also hella tough.

I love your tile designs! They are fantastic! Im a fan of the badger mole tile personally. Keep up the excellent work Smile
I'm so glad that there are people getting into Skud Pai Sho that are big into board/strategy games and also people that aren't, like you said of yourself. Thanks for being here and supporting The Garden Gate!