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Full Version: Hello, Skud here
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Hello! Thank you for being here at The Garden Gate. I'm Skud, or Zach, and I created Skud Pai Sho and made it playable online at The Garden Gate, along with other Pai Sho games I have dug up since diving into bringing Pai Sho to the physical world.

I've written about how Skud Pai Sho and The Garden Gate came to be before. Read that at

But here's a little more about Skud Pai Sho, The Garden Gate, and me.

Remember that Skud Pai Sho is based on older existing rules. It was definitely a lot of hard work over the course of months and months to get it to where it is, but most of all, I'm a fan like everyone else here.

The name "The Garden Gate" is what I'd name Skud Pai Sho if I had to rename it to remove the "Pai Sho" from the name, but it's also just such a great name for this place and community. I wonder if I should rename it to "Garden Gate Pai Sho". What do you think?

The name "Skud" is a lot like the name of a minor character named "Sud" in Avatar. If you're not sure who that is, try and find him! I used it as the name for Skud Pai Sho when I began writing the fanfiction story I'm working on slowly but surely where there's a Pai Sho-obsessed character named Skud. I then took that as the name for Skud Pai Sho and as my username as well.

Out in the real world I'm a programmer inside a company somewhere, and more importantly a husband and father. It's busy, but I have a blast playing Pai Sho and making it so everyone else can, too!

See you at The Garden Gate,
Ahoy & thank you for creating this awesome community! Big Grin