The Garden Gate

Full Version: Ancient Oasis Expansion Rules - 2018.10.05 Update
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## Bamboo
- When played surrounding your Blooming Flower Tile (but not surrounding a Growing Flower Tile in a Gate), return each surrounding tile to owner’s hand
- Tiles surrounding Bamboo cannot be captured

## Pond
- Flower Tiles may be Planted on points surrounding a Pond belonging to either player
- (Once Planted, tiles are immediately Blooming)

## Lion Turtle
- Flower tiles surrounding a Lion Turtle form Harmony with all Basic Flower Tiles of either player
- The owner of the Lion Turtle owns the Harmonies that include both players’ tiles
- (Overlap with other Lion Turtle tiles can combine this effect, so Harmonies can potentially belong to both players)
Doesn't this (also) belong in the Developement thread?
I felt like it belonged here most, I guess. I think some tidying up of the forum will be needed as we continue to get it used more.
I loooove these tiles, but I also feel like I'm biased since I designed them, haha!  Tongue