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(10-05-2018, 03:36 PM)Abacadaren Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-04-2018, 11:45 PM)MrSns Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-04-2018, 11:23 PM)SpinxKreuz Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-04-2018, 05:08 PM)Abacadaren Wrote: [ -> ]If there is a time per turn, then the "best" way to play is to use 4 minutes and 30 or so seconds every turn since there's no reason to move before that.

But if there is a delay, there's also no reason to move before your that delay runs out.

I agree with what Spinx has said here. I mean it could possibly lead to abuse of the game mechanic, although not detrimental to the game it has possibilities. 

In relation to time the tournament moderator should be able to select the time conditions of the tournament. So if they are looking for a fast game you might be able to remove afformentioned delay or if you want a game that allows for more thought to go into every move the moderator could set the time limit from say 5 minutes to 10 minutes. 

Relating to time limits I think 5 minutes per turn is a good starting point. 

Relating to pausing it might be a option for competitors in said tournament to have the option for a 5 minute pause as  people still need to go to the bathroom etc. When competing against people in opposite time zones the moderator should have the ability to pause the game for any duration as a means of emergency. 

I hope this is relevant Smile


Moving before the delay is up is part of why the delay is there, so that you don't lose do to time out. However, instead of being 5 minutes of time, standard delay is 5 seconds. So yeah, if you want to use only 5 seconds every turn that's why you have the delay. It's much harder to not use time compared to having 5 minutes every turn forever. Delay is only used when you have a time limit for the game, not for the turn, so you have to spend your time carefully so you can finish the game without having to rush, though rush you can.

Ok I get you now. Makes more sense. I’m not used to competitive board games so I’m still learning how this should work. 

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