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Full Version: Hello..
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Hi, I’m Spec and am a Pai Sho fanatic. I’m not the greatest player but I have a lot of fun. He/Him btw.

I am a fairly new member of the community and am on the discord (as a lurker lol). I like to try out new strategies and am still finding my play style, I’m also working on a game variant (like seemingly half of the discord) but I’ll share more once I’ve got a finished first draft of rules..

I think that’s it? Hit me up for a game anytime and if you wanna talk strategy your best bet is pm because I tend to be a slow typer.  Big Grin


Welcome to the community! If you have any questions hit me up. If you looking at strategies have a look at some of spinx post under the SkudPaiSho forum. He has posted some good information.

Glad you're here! Good to hear I'm not the only fanatic Wink