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Full Version: Omashu Ginseng Tournament
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Hey everyone! Welcome to the third Ginseng Pai Sho tournament,
Omashu Ginseng Gathering!

Both experienced and new Ginseng Pai Sho players from near and far are invited to Omashu to participate in this awesome Ginseng Pai Sho tournament!

Sign ups are already open! Sign up now!
Signups end on Sunday March 19 at 09:00PM UTC. To sign up and participate you need to complete 3 steps:
— 1: Register at in the tournaments tab to the left. Remember to log in first.
— 2: Register here at Provide your username and your discord username(including your unique number tag).
— 3: Confirm with Master Gyatso#0883 on Discord that you will be participating in the tournament.

Tournament Winner Prize:
— Winner will receive 'Tournament Winner(Ginseng)' role on The Garden Gate discord server.

Tournament format:
Win = 2 points | Draw = 1 point | Loss = 0 points.
— Round-robin and Bracket stages.
— will be used to organize this tournament.
— Players get 4 days to complete each game. Games not completed will be ruled by Master Gyatso.
— The top X players of each group will advance to bracket stage where they will compete for the first place of the tournament.
— If your opponent should be very inactive, make sure to notify Master Gyatso#0883 or write in your game chat.
— When you have completed a match, please report the result in the appropriate Forum Post on Discord.
— Make sure to get the Omashu Ginseng Gathering tournament role on Discord to stay updated.

Tournament rules:
— Undos are allowed.
— Cursing and foul language is discouraged, though it is okay if something slips through.
— Outright bullying, harassment, or excessive trash talk, on the other hand, will lead to immediate disqualification from the whole tournament.