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Full Version: February IPSL Swiss Open
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Hello Again!

February is almost upon us and so is the next IPSL monthly! I'm excited to continue the trend of these monthly events and I'm looking forward to this months games. I'm still working on the process of seeding groups to create games that are not only interesting and competitive, but also fun and fair. Please bear with me as the scene grows and settles out Big Grin 

General Information:
  • Swiss Style
  • Groups of ~8
  • 3-4 Rounds
  • Ranked Opt-In
  • All rounds will be played on
  • Participants will be required to be members of the Skud Pai Sho community discord for at least the duration of the tournament.
  • There is a soft cap of 16 participants, but due to the nature of the Swiss Open, if there are enough people interested, this number can be expanded. 
  • Sign-ups end on February 9th at 2 pm CST (UCT -6) and the tournament starts later that day at 5 pm CST (UCT-6). To ensure that you are properly confirmed, please be registered on at least 24 hours in advance.

How to Sign Up
  • Register for the IPSL January Swiss Open at
  • If you do not have a discord account or are not apart of the Garden Gate Community Discord please create an account and accept the invite so that I and your potential opponents are able to reach you. Failure to communicate before the start of the tournament may result in you being unable to participate.
  • From there, participants are encouraged, but not required to answer a few questions regarding their participation in the form of reactions on the official forum post.
  • Once all other steps are complete, go to this months forum post in #tournaments-and-events-forums and confirm with me (@Awyrlas#8189) that you have completed the previous steps.

  • 1st Place: (3-0 Win/Loss) 2 Initiate Norms and a Lotus Invitational Nomination
  • 2nd Place: (2-1 Win/Loss) 1 Initiate Norm
Norms are a signifier of your competitive accomplishments. By doing well in enough competitions or by earning a Title Nomination you will have the right to compete for the accompanying title. It will take several events for even the best players to accumulate the necessary requirements for just one, so it's best to take things slow! Titles are a representation of not just your skill at Skud Pai Sho, but also your dedication to the competition and your activity in the community and its events. The Initiate Titles are a show of one's enthusiasm and dedicated participation in tournament play. 

General Rules and Guidelines
  • Once a round begins, players will have 3 days to complete their matches
  • When a match is completed, at least one player should report the result in the #events-and-tournaments-forum post for this month.
  • Incomplete matches at the end of a round will be decided by activity (downtime and frequency of play). Please be sure to stay communicative with your opponent both in discord and on otherwise the decision will be made by coinflip.
  • Please stay respectful of your opponents and follow all Garden Gate Discord rules during your matches. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in immediate disqualification.