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Full Version: Kyoshi Island Contest
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Hello my friends! Welcome to the Kyoshi Island Contest, where you, yes you, will be able to compete in a Skud Pai Sho tournament! 

I, Ultra, will be hosting this tournament so DM me on Discord if you have any questions.

General Information

This will be a classic Skud Pai Sho tournament where any players old or new can play. The format will be round robin with 6 groups of 6 people and you will play everyone in your group. The top 2 players in each group, depending on how many matches you have won, will go through to the single elimination! You have 3 days to complete your matches and if you haven't finished your match by then I will give you 1 more day to finish and if you have't finished by then I will call it a draw. In case of inactivity from your opponent or your opponent quits the tournament I will automatically hand you the match. Incase of a tie between 3 players, each 3 of you will have 1 day each to play each other and then i will take the 2 players who won those games (not the ones with the group just the matches you just played). 
Sign ups start on the 21st and ends on the 1st of March.
The actual tournament will start on the 2nd of March and will probably end on the 15th of April.
The winner will receive the Tournament Winner role on the official Garden Gate Server.
All games will be hosted on The Garden Gate website:

After each groups have finished their matches and i have taken the top 2 players i will put them into a group where they will play each other until there the finals!! 

How to sign up

Participants have to do 2 things to do in order to sign up for the tournament.

Participants must register for Kyoshi Island Contest in the tournaments tab of
Secondly, participants will have to sign up on the toornament page:

Good luck everyone and remember to have fun!!