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Full Version: About capturing White Dragons
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Suppose you have a White Dragon roaming around a lotus, and it is also protected by two badgermoles; how do you attack such a threat? Well I found a method that can be useful agaisnt setups similar like shown in the image.

I highlighted the area on which the White Dragon can move so may see it more clearly:

[Image: unknown.png]

Now count out the squares where a Sky Bison may get to, if you do it right you will notice that each Bison can reach one half of the flying area of the White Dragon, so by having two Sky Bisons on the same line as a Fire Lily, in a way that they're outside of the Dragon's range you will be able to capture the Dragon, and after that, the badgermoles that protect the opponent's WL.

The one defense I found agaisnt this is the opponent having another Bison nearby, but you can scare it away by using Wheels/Koi Fishes (you may even need to sacrifice it to the Dragon).

Do you have any other methods of dealing with Fire Lilies and Dragons?