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Full Version: The Disadvantage of the Guest
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It seems like the Host has and advantage by needing to form Harmonies.
Here are some examples, please correct me if I made a logical fallacy Smile

Situation for the Host:
1 Disharmony
13 Disharmony points
[Image: uhYimi3.png]

2 Harmonies
14 Harmony points
[Image: m4HREKA.png]

Situation for the Guest:
1 Hisharmony
13 Harmony points
[Image: ukr8rdS.png]

1 Harmony
7 Harmony points
1 Disharmony
7 Disharmony points
[Image: COs8Lvf.png]

1 Disharmony
7 Disharmony points
[Image: x5TM00f.png]

Which also can lead to this again:
2 Harmonies
8 Harmony points
1 Disharmony
7 Disharmony points
[Image: ldGekkB.png]

Overall, it seems way riskier for the Guest to form long Disharmonies than for the Host to form long Harmonies.
Good thinking. Currently things naturally fall so that the Host usually has more to gain from interrupting the Guest's Disharmonies than the Guest has at disrupting the Host's Harmonies. I wonder if there's a way for the Guest to play a little differently that will help overcome this, or if it's just going to be harder for them.

Anyone, let me know whenever you'd like to play me. Set it up and I'll join as Guest!