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Full Version: Hey All!
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Hey! I'm Nahtanojrepus (alternatively Nah, Nahta, Nahtan, Nahtano, Nahtanoj, Tano, Repus or Na<keyboard spam>, but I prefer to go by Naht). I'm a pretty active member of the discord and play reasonably often on the site. I actively play skud and vagabond, with a particular liking for double vagabond, but I'd say I'm most well known for my efforts in solving solitaire, maximising simple score for several variants (something which I intend to post about down the line). I also had a part in the creation of overgrowth and cooperative solitaire, as well as an (as yet) unexplored concept for a new tile for vagabond, the koi fish which vescucci, resident actual wizard, designed.

All in all, I have an interest in essentially every variant of pai sho (except capture it can go in the trash) and am willing to theorycraft as much as I am to play.
I now expect a detailed post why you think Capture is trash^^
(09-29-2018, 12:16 AM)SpinxKreuz Wrote: [ -> ]I now expect a detailed post why you think Capture is trash^^

Don't think I won't make one

do you really want the first post in the capture subforum to be explaining why it's trash?

Because I'll do it.
Might lead to someone writing a post why Capture is great.
There is also a star rating system for threads, so you'll know if people share your opinion or not.