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For a long while now I've struggled to figure out what kind of career I'd like to pursue, and that's really affected my school decisions. My parents essentially force me to go to school and I have to pay for it so for the past three years I've basically been wasting a ton of money because I've been doing poorly or I change majors. I originally went for game design but that seemed to specific, not enough opportunity, so I'm going for general design, but lately that's also been scaring me because I just want a future that's a bit more secure than jumping from place to place designing whatever they need.

So my question is, if you're in a stable work environment or went through your schooling or whatever, how did you come to where you are now?

I know this is kinda weirdly personal for an Avatar fan board game forum but I know a lot of you know so I figured I could get some advice haha.
Hey mate,

This is a good question. For me personally I never went to university originally or ever actually. However I do have a degree in computer science now. (Did online learning)

I currently work as a solutions architect for a company in my country that outsourced to various government and commercial organisations. I started out working in retail to be honest and convinced my area manager to assist me in contacting some people in a separate department so I could show some of the work I had done coding wise. (At this point I still had no degree or any wish to get one) My area manager was very helpful and I started working as a systems analyst and went from there.

In your case it sounds like your still fresh out of school, mind you I’m only in my late 20’s so I’m not to far out. What I would recommend is asses yourself. Look inside and find what you truely enjoy. Imagin what working those jobs would be like when you have done your degrees. Could you imagin working behind a desk all your life, wearing a suit every single day, taking crap from a bs manager who is so outdated that he/she would fit perfectly in a museum. Or could you see your self sitting behind that desk and really enjoying it, making super cool friends and having a manager that is super flexible and understanding of your needs. Workis how you make it and if your doing something at uni that you don’t enjoy that I can guarantee you that 90% of the time your work will be exactly the same.

Forgive my spelling as I’m on my mobile atm
It makes perfect sense to post this here. Where else will you find an Uncle Iroh when you need one?

I'm a software developer by day, working at a company where there's a lot of software developers. I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing when I went into school, but I stayed with computer science, graduated, and started working.

Even though that's my story, there's one piece of advice I remember that really helped me through school. Someone said that it's a surprisingly small percent of people that end up "using their degree" or going into a career in the field they studied. But the degree is still important. They said to stick with studying something that you are able to enjoy (as much as one can enjoy studying, that is!) and keep at it. What you study doesn't necessarily limit what you can do later.

So, keep at it, and remember that you don't have to worry about big future stuff now. If you are studying something that's at least related to what you like and might want to do someday, that's what you want.