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Full Version: Flameo Hotmen!
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I'm Spinx and I'm from Germany (Bavaria to be exact Smile ).
About 2 years ago, I decided to rewatch my favourite childhood series again. Afterwards, I went to the subreddit of the series, and searched for real Pai Sho boards, and that's where I found Skud, who seemed to advertise his online Pai Sho website under every single post.^^
I thought to myself: "Might as well give this thing a try", and after a lot of games against him, many rule changes and roughly a year long break I'm back Smile
There are many new rulesets now, but I still like regular Skud Pai Sho the most. If you ever need some advice, I'm happy to help you. Also, feel free to invite me to a game, I'll gladly accept.
Haha, it was definitely every *Pai Sho* post, yes. I'm so glad you found it, thanks for all those games we played!